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Accommodation: Residence

A residence is a house (often villa or mansion) owned by the school which they rent out to students. Not every school offers the option to book residence. The ones who do often have all the luxury you need: swimming pool, garden, large living room and kitchen, several bathrooms and mainly a lot of nice students to live with. There are a lot of options when it comes to residences.

Room options:

  • Single Room Private room in the villa. In case you prefer rest and privacy.
  • Shared Room Shared room in the villa. In case you want to save some money and like company.

Food options:

  • Half Board Breakfast and dinner. In case you don't expect to be home in the afternoons during the weekend and prefer to get your own lunch during the week.
  • Full Board Breakfast, lunch and dinner. In case you want to eat lunch with the family during the weekend and want to take a lunch package from home during the week.

Facilities examples:

  • Living Room For a lot of students it is important to have a cozy place to socialize with housemates.
  • Swimming pool A lot of residences in Malta will have this. Perfect for summer.
  • Roof Terrace Most of residences in Malta will have this. Perfect for a BBQ, sunbathing after school or drinks in the evening.
  • Kitchen In some residences you make your own food, or with housemates of course.
  • Television and WIFI Every residence offers this. It's important to students, especially the long-term students.

Typical Residence in Malta

And there is the choice to go high season or low season. In summer schools charge around 50,- a week more. High season is July and August. Not every school offers residences, the ones who do often have one or two houses. For this reason you can often find everything there is to know about it. Things like location and facilities. Click the button below to find out about the options.