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English Courses: English for kids

Learning your kids English has a positive effect on their future perspective, but English for kids is something that requires a different approach than teaching adults. Chances are that your kids don’t see the value of practising vocabulary and chances are even higher that they do not have the patience to do it.

Experiencing is not just a great way to learn it is also shows the practical side of what you are learning. If it's clear to your kids what talking English makes them able to do they are more likely to get excited and motivated to do so. Think of showing your kids different languages, different cultures and new friends that speak a different language.

These three things are combined in summer camp. A lot of schools in Malta offer summer camp where young students go - approximately age 13-18 - often on vacation on their own while learning English. During the day they will go to school and do activities with other kids of their age. This way they have to speak English all day which contributes to your kids’ level of English. Typical activities during summer camp are:

  • International Student Party
  • BBQ night
  • Pool evening
  • Bowling
  • Disco Night
  • Harbor Cruise
  • Visiting Golden Bay

Also it shows them what speaking a different language allows them to do. Would you like your child to go to an English school during their vacation? Find out what schools offer and pick what fits you best.

A lot of schools in Malta also offer lessons for kids. This way you can drop them off in the morning and pick them up later in the afternoon. They will even get a certificate after their course. This is perfect for younger kids, but often only offered in summer.

Kids can never start to early with learning English. Why not start this summer?