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English Courses: Study English

If you consider to learn English there are a lot of questions to be answered. Are you able to study English as a second language? How can you improve your grammar? How can you improve your English speaking conversations? Can I learn all these by taking English language classes? Anyone agrees that studying English opens doors that would otherwise stay closed. So when you decide to study English as a second language, what are your options to actually do so?

English as a second language

Studying english as a second language can be done in a lot of ways. First determine what your goal is and what you are willing to invest. Are you a beginner and do you want to become a proficient speaker? You will probably have to work hard to get there. Do you have a lot of time and budget or do you only have one hour a day? If the first is the case going to an English speaking country for an English as a second language program to learn and practise might be the best option. If it's the latter then you should consider free online courses like this one.

The challenge with online courses is that you will need a lot of discipline and time to improve. You have to be really motivated to sit yourself down an hour a day to sit behind the computer and practise. Finding a more fun way where you do more than just studying English might be more fun which will result in you spending more time learning.

Besides studying online you can also go to English speaking events which you will be able to find in a lot of European cities. Foreign people come together to speak English, make friends and drink a few beers. Maybe you will even end up with an English girlfriend or boyfriend and you will learn it in no time.


Want to take it a step further than just going to English speaking meetings? Why don’t you go to an English country for English classes. English classes are offered for both adults and kids. It is a great way to practise and improve your English conversations. If you go on a holiday to an English speaking country (on your own) you will hear English but also speak English all day. This will go faster than studying from just a book and it will be more fun to do. You will learn English in English grammar classes and such but in your free time you will get to know people from abroad. You will get used to actually speaking the language instead of just knowing the English grammar and vocabulary in theory.

There are a lot of ways to learn English. Think of what your needs are and what you are willing to invest. Is it important for your future job to be able to write without making grammatical mistakes? Take an English course, abroad or online. Do you want to improve your English speaking conversations by getting used to actually speaking the language? Go to an environment where you will have to speak English like an English country, English class or English speaking meeting. These three can be found in Maltese English language schools. There is no reason to not start studying English right now!