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Bays in Malta are famous for their beauty and the clarity of their waters. This doesn’t just make it a paradise for snorkeling and diving, but also for anyone who wants to enjoy the unique charm of the Mediterranean. Beaches in Malta offer a lot of variety. From the Red Sands to the Golden Sands, from the huge Mellieha Bay to the small Blue Lagoon .

Paradise bay Malta

The 6 most unique Malta bays

Golden Bay

Golden Bay – or Golden Sands – is appealing because of its view, size and sand color. Everything you need during a day of enjoying the beach is there. Restaurants, cafés, sunbeds, umbrellas and water sports. Even a hotel is situated at the Golden Bay. The beach is the second largest of Malta - #1st is Mellieha Bay - and has amazing views to offer. It is located in the Ghajn Tuffieha area which is in a rural area, yet it is accessible by bus.

Golden Sands Malta

Mellieha Bay

Mellieha Bay is the biggest bay in Malta. It’s located in Mellieha which is the last village you will find traveling north on the island Malta. Mellieha Bay is a sandy beach , this results in a lot of Maltese visitors from the east of the country. This beach is perfect for kids because the sea only gets deep after approximately fifty meters. This beach is equipped with some really nice restaurants with a great view and some nice bars and stands that sell drinks and food.

Mellieha Bay Malta

Ramla Bay

Ramla Bay – or Red Sands – is appealing because of the unique view, size and sand color. It’s situated in Gozo and accessible by bus. There is one big restaurant, not luxury, where you can sit outside to enjoy your pizza or some other quick bite. This beach is sandy but turns into rocks after a few meters which makes it perfect for snorkeling and diving. Fish come up out of the deep waters and are visible a few meters in.

Ramla Bay Malta

Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon is famous for its turquoise color. It’s on the small – pretty much uninhabited – island north of Malta. Boats go here from several Maltese bays, for €10,- you have a return ticket from Cirkewwa. Other beaches in Malta are stunning but the color of the sea at the Blue lagoon is unique, which results into it being a famous tourist attraction. It has a sandy beach and is also popular for snorkeling and diving, mainly because of the unique sea color.

Blue Lagoon Malta

Dwejra Bay

Dwejra Bay starred in Game of Thrones and was famous for the Azure Window that collapsed in a storm last May. It is a rocky beach, not great for recreational swimming but great for diving and enjoying the famous geological stone created by mother nature. There is an inland lagoon which is linked to the sea via a 50-metre cave.

Dwerja Bay Malta

St. Paul's Bay

St. Paul’s Bay – or San Pawl il-Bahar - is an old fishing-village near Bugibba. Staying in Bugibba? This is the perfect place to go to enjoy the quiet view and have a nice lunch. This old village still has the old fishing bay look. A lot of boats are still anchored in St. Paul’s Bay.

St. Paul's Bay Malta