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Top 10 clubs and other nightlife venues

This selection is based on both personal experience and reviews by others. We did not list the 10 most popular venues, instead we made sure that every pick in the list has something unique to offer. Also some venues will be hard to reach because most are not targeting tourists. A lot of these venues are not always open for parties so make sure you check their Facebook page. Venues that you can visit at any time are listed here.

Nightlife in Malta

Top 10 party areas

Aria Complex

The Aria Complex has a broad variety of events. From boxing matches to pool parties. From Jazz performances to weddings. They host everything with class and a warm Mediterranean vibe. It is hard to get here just by bus, since it’s in a rural area. If you want to go here grab a car or taxi. Keep an eye on their Facebook page if you happen to be in Malta.

Aria club Malta

Gianpula Village

Gianpula Village is mentioned in the section about G7 since they work together a lot. This Venue hosted huge international artists like Dragonette and Martin Garrix. Gianpula is an area with several clubs where you can walk around freely to whatever you feel like. The club is on a walkable distance from the Mosta Dome (if you are not wearing high heels).

Gianpule Village Malta

Liquid Club

Liquid Club is a small venue in a rural area which is hard to get to by bus. It’s next to Aria Complex going by car is recommended – or go by bus and take a taxi back. Liquid Club is an indoor venue that has a limit of 400 people, yet they hosted big artists like Ben Klock, Oscar Mulero, The Advent and Robert Hood. The size of both the crowd and the club are two of the many factors that create the unique atmosphere inside the club. The most recognizable detail in this club is the huge fish tank separating the bar-area with the dancing-area. This place is not targeting tourists at all and barely does any advertising which makes it the perfect place to go to if you want to experience Malta. You won’t be with just foreigners and the Maltese people will be welcoming. Tickets are often sold by the community itself.

Liquid Club Malta


Uno is another venue that hosts stars from across the sea. Think of Afrojack, Paul Kalkbrenner and Tiësto. Uno also organizes festivals, one of them lasts 3 days and another is Creamfields. This club is located near Mosta so it not hard to get to. Uno is a popular club that you should not miss out on if you are in Malta.

Uno Malta

Cafe del Mar

Café del Mar is unique and a perfect example of what treasures are to be found in Malta. The organization also has locations in for example Sydney and Ibiza. In Malta it’s situated in the popular area Bugibba, next to the national aquarium. Café del Mar is a restaurant and it has a nice pool to relax at during the day. In the summer they frequently host events. Every Sunday in the summer they host an event named ‘Afternoon Sessions’ and they also host Showers. Maltese people love to go out for a drink and a dance on their Sunday, especially in summer. They dress up nicely and go to fancy places like Café del Mar and dance until 11/12 pm to go home and show up fresh at their work the day after. The sunny afternoons combined with the nicely dressed up dancing crowd result into a unique vibe.

Cafe Del Mar Malta

Armier Bay

Armier is a small sandy beach where you can go for an afternoon of relaxing or for some food and drinks in the North of Malta. In summer they organize different events. A few examples are Juuls’ Pon di Beach, The Armier Beach Party and The Annual Beach Party with Klingande. Beach parties provide an atmosphere a club can never offer. Dancing with your toes in the sand with a great view while the sun is beaming down on the crowd is an experience you can’t miss out on if you are in Malta during the summer.

Armier beach Malta


Razzet is a venue of quality in a rural, not easy to access, area. It's also not a commercial party venue that targets tourists, so you will have to put in a bit more effort compared to other venues. Razzet is a Villa with a pool and loads of nature. It has a laid back atmosphere and it’s not big compared to alternatives. The venue is also popular with the Maltese for weddings. Going here for dinner is also an option.

Razzt Malta

Buskett Road House

The Buskett Road House is situated in a rural area. It's spacious and surrounded by nature. The atmosphere is laid back and relaxed. There are also a lot of weddings here, so you have to be lucky to be able to go if you only go to Malta for a week. A problem is that it is hard to get to without a car.

busket Malta

Hugo's Terrace

Hugo’s Terrace has got restaurants and bars everywhere. There are already two in Paceville which are 2 minutes walking away from each other. This is a classy venue where more mature people go for drinks and socializing. A perfect destination for your date or your meeting with that new business partner. Also a good place to meet new people on Fridays and Saturday evenings. Hugo’s also offers quality food, cocktails and service, read more about this in the restaurant section.

Hugo's Terrace Malta

La Grotta

The People, a newspaper in the UK, rated La Grotta as "one of the most beautiful dance floors in the Mediterranean" and a lot of peers – like The Miami Herald and Cosmopolitan - in the scene agree. It is easy to get to if you are in Gozo, but if you are in Malta you have to go by ferry. There is an outdoor and an indoor section. In this case indoor means a giant natural cave, obviously this is the biggest reason for its international fame.

Grotta club Malta