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5 Unique Restaurants in Malta

Maltese food is often inspired by the Italian kitchen, yet there are typical Maltese dishes like rabbit stew and grilled swordfish to be found. The restaurants listed below vary from location, price and menu. The price indication given is based on a multiple course menu with wine for one person.

Restaurants in Malta

5 Unique Restaurants

Baia Beach Club

Baia Beach Club is a classy venue where you can rent sunbeds with and get excellent drinks for your perfect day at the beach. The beach club is also popular for dinner and lunch. The restaurant and terrace are the most crowded on Sunday afternoons.

Baia Beach Club
Baia Beach Club Baia Beach Club

Ta' Randi

The setting, service and menu of this restaurant provide an unique atmosphere. A part of the restaurant is made in an actual cave. It is cheaper than other places with this much character, you can get two three course menus for €30,-. If you are looking for high quality food you should look somewhere else, but if you want to eat Maltese food in a Maltese atmosphere for little money this place is perfect.

Ta' Randi
Ta' Randi Ta' Randi

Dinner in the Sky

High quality food above the high quality city Valletta. Enjoy the stunning view while drinking wine - not too much because going to the toilet is a hassle - and eating the finest dishes. The total experience will take around 3 hours and it is something you will never forget.

Dinner in the Sky
Dinner in the Sky Dinner in the Sky


If you dig deep enough you will find a lot of local, not to expensive, quality restaurants. You will probably have to get out of the touristic areas and go to an area like Naxxar. A great way to actually experience Malta is to go where the locals go, and it does not have to cost you much.

Cellini Restaurant
Cellini Restaurant Cellini Restaurant

La Reggia

Marsaxlokk is a fishing bay famous for its fresh fish markets and restaurants and La Reggia is definitely the best one out there, and it offers a fair price. If you are in Malta and you love fish, or food in general, Marsaxlokk is the place to go. Go to the Sunday morning fish market or one of the many quality restaurants, like our personal favourite La Reggia.

Marsaxlokk Marsaxlokk