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Transport in Malta and Gozo is convenient, mainly because everything is close. The costs are not high compared to the rest of Europe. Car rentals are around €12,- a day and a 7-day unlimited bus travel card is only €21,- (including night busses). The ferry from Sliema Ferries to the capital of Malta Valetta is only €1,50. Cheaper fares for kids make Malta an affordable destination for families. More specific information about your options of transport in Malta are listed below.


Malta transport

Malta Bus

For €2,- you can get anywhere in Malta if you take the bus. For example from the airport in the south central of the country to the ferry to Gozo which is a 34km bus ride and takes a bit more than an hour. The public transport system in Malta also offers several travel cards:

  • “Explore Adult” : €21,- for 7 days unlimited transport by bus.
  • “Explore Kids”: €15,- for 7 days unlimited transport by bus.
  • “12 Single Day Journeys”: €15,- 12 single way trips.

These cards Include night busses and busses in Gozo. The explore card is perfect for someone who expects to be on the move all week. Do you expect to stay around the hotel more? Get the 12 Single Day Journeys card and save a bit of money.
Visit this website to plan your trip or search for Tillinja in the App Store of your smartphone to download the app. Are you used to Swiss public transport? The Maltese bus drivers are not as strict with their time table so keep in mind that the bus might be a bit late or even early.

Malta ferry

The Ferry in Malta offers you more than just transportation. Taking the ferry from Sliema to Valletta is a quick way to get to the capital of Malta, it also shows you some great views. The costs for this boat trip are €1,50, it goes every 30 minutes and doesn’t stop until 0:45 AM in summer.

All Malta Ferries:

  • Between Cirkewwa and Gozo: €4,65
  • From Cirkewwa to Comino (Blue Lagoon) and back: €10,-
  • Between Valletta and Birgu: €1,50

Malta taxi

A Taxi in Malta is cheap. Especially if you compare it to the other options popular for language trips: England, Ireland and America. Airport transfer, for example to Sliema, is €18,-. This is approximately 10km. For the best service E cabs are recommended.

Are you on your own and you want to save some money but you don’t mind sharing a taxi? Look out for the red vans pictured underneath. These vans drive around Malta taking people to popular destinations for €1 - €3 a person.

Malta taxi


AirMalta is Malta’s national airline and flies to around 50 destinations in Europe and north Africa. In summer there are a lot more flights to and from the Maltese airport since around half of the visitors arrive in summer. From Swiss, Germany, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands there is a plane arriving in Malta every day when it’s high season. The airport is central and there is a bus going to every corner of the country which makes it easy to get to your destination.
Next to AirMalta there are a lot of airlines flying to Malta, quite a few are low cost airlines. Listed below are the most frequent flights with the airline and their departure:

  • AirMalta Milan
  • AirMalta Zurich
  • AirMalta Paris
  • AirMalta Dusseldorf
  • AirMalta Frankfurt
  • AirMalta Rome
  • AirMalta Berlin
  • AirMalta Catania
  • AirMalta Vienna
  • AirMalta Prague
  • AirMalta Amsterdam
  • Transavia Amsterdam
  • Ryanair Barcelona
  • Ryanair Bologna
  • Ryanair Wroclaw
  • Ryanair Milan
  • Ryanair Luton
  • Ryanair Rome
  • Ryanair Munchen
  • Ryanair Napels
  • Ryanair Tunis
  • Agean Athene
  • LuftHansa Marseille
  • LuftHansa Madrid
  • Reuling Eindhoven

Rent a bike

Renting a bike in Malta is something we would not recommend. The traffic is not used to cyclists and accidents with the few cyclists that are on the road happen often. Yet there is the option of renting a bike for €15,- for a day. If you do decide to go cycle, make sure you grab a helmet and stay out of the busy junctions. Go for the more rural, not as busy areas instead. See Eco Bikes to rent a bike, they include a helmet in the price. Gozo is a more fitting environment for cycling. See Gozo Adventures to rent a bike in Gozo.


Rent a car

To Rent a Car in Malta is cheap and easy. Of course it helps if you have some driving experience and you are. if this is not the case it might still be more convenient to go by bus. The car is the best way to get around Malta, most Maltese people above 20 own a car. This does result in some trouble with parking but it is free everywhere. With a car you can get to places where you would not be able to get by bus.

Malta Car Rental offers cheap car rental. Also there seems to be a car rental in every main street. Driving around Gozo is also a great way to spend a day of. Drive up to Cirkewwa (the north) and take the ferry. If you are renting a car, don’t forget that the traffic in Malta drives on the left side of the road.


Malta Train

In the history of Malta there has been one train and this stopped operating in 1931. It was one single track from Valletta to Mdina. They called it ‘il-vapur tal-art’ which translates in ‘the land ship’. So in short… you are nearly 90 years too late - a car or bus is recommended. Want to know more about this land ship? Go to Attard, there is a small railway museum there.