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Malta Weather

The Maltese climate is one of the best in the world and according to peers the best in Europe. International Living’s climate index rated 192 countries and Malta tied #1st together with Zimbabwe. Rain in Malta is rare, the winters are mild and the summers are hot. Blue skies are the standard. Perfect weather is pretty much guaranteed on your holiday to Malta.

Weather in Malta - Blue sky at Cafe Del Mar in September

According to the Siegmund and Frankenberg Climate Classification Malta lies within the subtropical zone. This means that in August you can expect 40°C at the peak every day. So if you want to have an active holiday and you don't like it to be too warm make sure you come around April or November. It will be 25°C degrees tops, perfect for your city culture trips or sightseeing. In July there is over 12 hours of sunshine on average each day. And in december, which is the month with the lowest sunshine duration, Malta still has 5 hours of sunshine each day on a monthly average. The sea temperature goes from 15°C in January to 26°C in August. Perfect for diving.

The weather in Malta is attractive throughout the year. Sometimes it might even get 20°C in December. Valletta is the warmest city of Europe in December with an average of 17°C during the day. The high temperature in winter makes Malta one of the few places in Europe where vegetation doesn’t die out during winter. Plants and trees flourish in winter but get scorched in summer. Because of the small island being surrounded by sea large fluctuations are rare in Malta. Find a updated 7-day weather forecast here.